Watching the Gates

Unfortunately, most organizations rely on their end users to detect cybercrime. While this system certainly informs IT about an issue, it is often too late once the end users are seeing an attack. Ransomware relies on stealth tactics to sweep a network before committing to the full network encryption. If a user gets the ransom message, chances are that the entire network is already encrypted.

This is where Scarlett Cybersecurity’s Incident Detection services can come into play. We watch for indicators in the environment that are unseen to end users. Our analysts respond quickly to threats and provide peace of mind that you always have a skilled team watching the gates.

Detecting an Attack

Incident detection can be the most difficult part of a security stack. The defense-in-depth model exists to prevent attacks via redundant controls, but the detection aspect is often overlooked by security teams. Never assume that prevention techniques are 100% effective. Attackers do just as much research as security professionals on the newest prevention tools and techniques. Incident detection is a different ballgame. Attackers have to learn a network from the outside. Our engineers are able to use baselining, advanced monitoring tools, and experience to predict the most likely indicators of a major attack.

We monitor for subtle indicators that most attackers would completely neglect to control. For example, a specific alert in our SIEM/SOC services would watch for an account being used in an unusual fashion on a network. By baselining what is “normal” in an environment, we can then detect attacks at a high rate of success. Even network health monitoring can show computers running at a high average usage, indicating possible malware. Our team works with existing IT and cybersecurity staff to develop a customized solution to monitor for cybercrime most effectively within your network.

Incident Detection Services

Scarlett Cybersecurity Solution Engineers do not follow a “one size fits all” approach to security. Our team ensures that all variables are accounted for before recommending services. Whether we are working as an augmentation to current cybersecurity staff or as the sole cybersecurity provider, we only suggest solutions we believe will measurably benefit your organization. We specialize in a specific set of incident detection techniques and tools that we have found provide the greatest value and effectiveness for our clients. See the checklist below for a sampling of the incident detection services we provide:

Not sure about a term or tool? Check out our Cybersecurity Terms and Definitions Page for more information!

SIEM/SOCCentralized logging and alerting. Used for network visibility and compliance. Provides 24/7/365 customized alerting and reporting.
Data Loss Prevention SolutionsDLP solutions classify and protect confidential and critical information in order to prevent end users from accidentally or maliciously sharing data that could put the organization at risk.
Endpoint Detection and ResponseEDR is an endpoint protection solution designed to be a full replacement for AV.  Network isolation, rollbacks, IR forensics, and machine learning are some of the flagship features.
Hardware MonitoringMonitored hardware health with proactive notifications.
Vulnerability TestingExtensive network scans with annotated reports that provide insight into network health and security gaps.
Penetration TestingAdvanced manual penetration test to discover specific vulnerabilities.
Network Security and Health MonitoringCentral administration and monitoring of the network.