EDR - The Evolution of AV

Endpoint Detection and Response solutions go far beyond the capabilities of standard AV solutions, for a very similar cost. The true benefit of a managed EDR solution comes from the skill associated with experienced endpoint security analysts. By utilizing the Scarlett Cybersecurity team, your organization can augment their current staff with experienced security professionals at a fraction of the cost. Our EDR solution is highly-advanced, utilizing AI detection techniques and a ransomware guarantee. 

What makes EDR Special?

EDR is the future of endpoint security. Here are just a few of the benefits associated with EDR.

Advanced Detection Engine Ever wondered if your AV is actually detecting everything within the network? Wonder no more with our EDR solution. By utilizing a wide array of detection techniques (some powered by AI and machine learning), EDR is able to find and stop threats at a much greater accuracy than standard AV. 

Reporting and Status Checks Our experience shows that endpoint security is a severely overestimated field for most organizations. We have seen AV compliance rates in the 30% range, indicating a whopping 70% of devices are exposed. Our EDR solutions provides easy to interpret reports on covered devices and the threats that they face. 

Ransomware Rollback and Guarantee If the cutting-edge security features, monitoring, and reporting are not enough to sell your team on and EDR solution, checkout our Ransomware Guarantee. Essentially, this clause guarantees that devices can immediately rollback to a healthy state and that a sum of funds will be made available to recover from ransomware should our team fail to prevent a ransomware outbreak with the EDR solution. 

Incident Detection Services

Scarlett Cybersecurity Solutions Engineers do not follow a “one size fits all” approach to security. Our team ensures that all variables are accounted for before recommending services. Whether we are working as an augmentation to current cybersecurity staff or as the sole cybersecurity provider, we only suggest solutions we believe will measurably benefit your organization. We specialize in a specific set of incident detection techniques and tools that we have found to provide the greatest value and effectiveness for our clients. See the checklist below for a sampling of the services we provide:

Not sure about a term or tool? Check out our Cybersecurity Terms and Definitions Page for more information!