Tailor-Made Executive Cyber Protection Services

As we move more towards remote operations, there is an amplified risk associated with executive leadership working from home. Cybercrime generally follows the path of least resistance.

This habit has caused a growing threat for executive leadership within organizations as poorly-planned remote security can lead to extensive risk. Leadership at any organization is a prime target for attack, whether it be espionage or financial extortion.

Executive Cybersecurity Protection Concierge Services set out to protect the VIPs of a company on a personal level.

These enhanced security procedures and contacts ensure that those most targeted by attacks are always defended by in-depth executive cyber security solutions.

Scarlett Executive Concierge vs Our Competitors

Scarlett Cybersecurity is focused on providing a genuinely excellent customer experience with our concierge services. Each engagement is assigned to a credentialed cybersecurity consultant and designed to your exact needs and specifications.

Our executive cyber protection services are priced fairly and we focus on substance over flash. You will get all the information you need, when you need it. We protect your assets, your identity, and your privacy so you can focus on making more decisions that matter.

Scarlett Cybersecurity vs Competitors

          Scarlett Concierge              Competitors
 Custom-Tailored Security Cookie Cutter Solutions
 Defense-In-Depth Surface-level Defenses
 Extensive Reporting Generic Dashboards
 Streamlined Incident Response Flash over Substance
 Competitive Pricing High Mark-Up

Sleep Easy - Reduce Decision Fatigue

Protecting the decision-makers, executives, and VIPs at an organization is no small feat. While many cyber security services and solutions can be standardized to some degree, leadership within an organization requires a personal touch.

Our cybersecurity concierge specialists know that "decision fatigue" is a very real aspect of any leadership role. Our team takes the worry out of a major stressor in the life of many executives - cybersecurity.

Let us help you get back to making the decisions that matter while we handle the cybersecurity of your devices and accounts. If you ever have any questions about digital executive protection, a specialist is available 24/7/365.

Your Cybersecurity Partners

Our team is a great resource for cybersecurity and IT teams that just need a bit of extra assistance. We work with a large array of clients who run their own cybersecurity divisions and IT operations.

We work side-by-side with existing teams and technologies to help enable your organization to run as efficiently as possible.

Our specialized staff can implement custom solutions based on your IT team's needs, even feeding events in parallel if requested. We act as a cybersecurity partner for your organization, regardless of the internal IT situation.

Executive Cybersecurity Concierge Services

Scarlett Cybersecurity's Executive Concierge team is staffed by our top cybersecurity specialists. This specialized team ensures that all solutions are tailor-made for the leadership at an organization.

We do not believe in a "one-size fits all" approach to concierge services. Every industry, every organization, and every executive is unique.

Our digital risk protection solutions will help best protect decision makers from the growing cybercriminal threats targeting them. Contact us today for more information about our Executive Cybersecurity Concierge Services.

Not sure about a term or tool? Check out our Cybersecurity Terms and Definitions Page for more information!

Loss of Laptop/Workstation SecurityLosing a laptop or work asset can lead to financial extortion. Our enhanced executive cybersecurity enables leadership within organizations to easily reduce the repercussions of lost devices.
Ransomware Prevention, Rollback, and RecoveryRansomware on executive devices can have an exponentially greater impact when compared to standard user workstations. Our services enable executive assets to be monitored 24/7 by advanced endpoint security tools and analysts, reacting quickly to threats on sensitive devices.
Spearphishing Prevention and TrainingSpearphishing is a specialized form of phishing in which crafted messages are sent to organizational leadership. Our Concierge services place training and filtering controls around a user's inbox to reduce the risk associated with phishing attacks.
Suspicious Activity MonitoringOur team utilizes many dedicated monitoring solutions for our clients. We have the ability to drastically enhance the fidelity of monitored traffic on groups of devices in order to extensively monitor for anomalous activity on executive devices.
Accidental Data Loss PreventionNot all loss is caused by a cybercriminal event. Sometimes, improper hardware health or backup procedures can lead to critical loss. Scarlett Cybersecurity will provide the solutions necessary to provide redundancy for executive assets.
Malicious Data ExfiltrationWhether it be an internal threat or a Nation-state threat actor, our solutions will watch for data exfiltration and alert analysts to take immediate actions should any data loss be observed.
Emergency Cybersecurity Concierge 24/7/365Personalized, always accessible cybersecurity professionals at the touch of a button. Utilize our concierge staff for any questions, problems, or concerns regarding executive cybersecurity. Sometimes all it takes is a phone call to prevent the next major breach.