Prevent Sensitive Resource Compromise

New technology in cybersecurity data management and monitoring have enabled security professionals to offer extensive monitoring around sensitive resources. Our DLP solution is maintained by certified security professionals, tagging sensitive data and protecting your organization from potential compromise. PAM solutions are generally geared towards larger organizations that need help with sprawling account permissions. Our consultants will help your team determine where sensitive data and accounts need to be controlled and implement technical solutions that help manage these resources.

Zero-Trust Security

DLP and PAM solutions are a huge step towards peace-of-mind for security threats. Checkout some of the top benefits below:

Data Loss Detection and Alerting Curious if sensitive data such as customer credit card information is being emailed by your users? Scarlett Cybersecurity's DLP has you covered. Our team can create detections and alerts for a huge range of potentially sensitive data being exfiltrated or improperly managed throughout the environment. Especially relevant is our HIPAA PII monitoring.

Account Control, Streamlined Account and permission sprawl is a major issue at most organizations above a certain size. Once secondary locations, remote operations, employee turnover, and role creep are taken into consideration it become obvious that accounts are a huge risk. Our PAM solution will help your organization control this chaos and reduce the risk surface. 

Policy and Governance Consultation Measure Twice, Cut Once. We believe that proper consultation and policy is the foundation to a great data security posture. Our certified consultants will help your team get a grasp on what you need in your environment. Scarlett Cybersecurity will work with your staff to determine what actions and tools your organization needs to implement in order to reduce risk and improve monitoring. 

Incident Detection Services

Scarlett Cybersecurity Solutions Engineers do not follow a “one size fits all” approach to security. Our team ensures that all variables are accounted for before recommending services. Whether we are working as an augmentation to current cybersecurity staff or as the sole cybersecurity provider, we only suggest solutions we believe will measurably benefit your organization. We specialize in a specific set of incident detection techniques and tools that we have found to provide the greatest value and effectiveness for our clients. See the checklist below for a sampling of the services we provide:

Not sure about a term or tool? Check out our Cybersecurity Terms and Definitions Page for more information!