Discover Technical Gaps, Fast.

A vulnerability scan is a technical evaluation designed to detect cybersecurity exposure regarding your organization's perimeter devices. Our team will run a specialized assessment against your perimeter and provide detailed reporting and consultation on the observed risks. For example, if your organization has a server that is both unpatched and exposed on improper network ports, our scan will report this gap and allow your team to take action by patching the holes in your defenses.

A penetration test is a more involved affair involving certified professionals actively testing your network for specific vulnerabilities. Whereas the vulnerability scan is a general sweep, the penetration test is focused on exploiting specific flaws with the goal of obtaining access to the network. Our team will work with your executive staff to simulate attacks and determine the security response posture within the organization. Detailed reporting and recommendations ensure that even the most pessimistic outcomes will provide actionable value.

Vulnerability Scans and Penetration Tests - Providing Value

Many organizations underestimate the value of a good vulnerability assessment. Checkout some of the benefits below:

Technical Overview:

Prevent incidents before they occur by discovering the technical avenues that are likely to burn your organization. Our full sweep assessment allows for detailed reporting on the potential risks that devices within your network may be facing.

Actionable Data:

Once a vulnerability is discovered, the IT team (our, yours, or a combo) can begin work on remediation. If the servers are exposed improperly, our engineers can help your staff close the gaps. In the case of an unpatched exploit, the involved teams can begin proper patching.

Consultation Roadmap:

A vulnerability assessment is only as good as the consultation that follows. Our team of highly-certified consultants will help walk through your results and determine the best course of action based on the severity and cost-considerations in regard to your situation. 

Incident Prevention Services

Scarlett Cybersecurity Solution Engineers do not follow a “one size fits all” approach to security. Our team ensures that all variables are accounted for before recommending services. Whether we are working as an augmentation to current cybersecurity staff or as the sole cybersecurity provider, we only suggest solutions we believe will measurably benefit your organization. We specialize in a specific set of incident prevention techniques and tools that we have found to provide the greatest value and effectiveness for our clients. See the checklist below for a sampling of the services we provide:

Not sure about a term or tool? Check out our Cybersecurity Terms and Definitions Page for more information!