Many organizations do not have their own Incident Response team. Depending on the size and budget of an organization, it can actually be harmful to over-allocate funding for cybersecurity and incident response. That's where Scarlett Cybersecurity comes in. By utilizing our managed cybersecurity services, you can have an Incident Response Team on retainer. Scarlett|CIRT (Cyber Incident Response Team) can be briefed and ready for action at a moment's notice.

If you are a victim of an attack and have already contacted your insurance provider, we can work with their Incident Response team to provide network recovery and threat hunting services.

Respond to Incidents the Right Way

Scarlett|CIRT utilizes specialized procedures that ensure a much higher chance of fully eradicating and recovering from a successful cyberattack. 

Certified Leadership Many providers of IR services lack qualified staff for the detailed work required after an attack. Our team is lead by certified Forensic Analysts, ensuring formal procedure and extensive training will be emphasized.

Thorough Analysis A core facet of any IR engagement is the Incident Scoping and detection. Without a complete picture of the incident, it is very likely that re-infection or incomplete incident eradication will occur. Our team double-checks all scoping to ensure that we have done our due diligence in detecting the threat, wherever it may be hiding.

Complete Eradication  A We leverage our other security services and tools to completely eradicate a threat and help organizations recover in a swift manner. Our team is trained on a wide range of incident recovery techniques and we can help you get your organization back online as soon as possible. 

Post-Incident Recovery and Recommendations  After eradicating an incident, our cybersecurity consultants will work with your team to determine what could have been done to prevent this incident from occurring in the first place. We will recommend upgrades, configurations, and controls that your team can implement to reduce the risk of facing a similar attack in the future. 

Incident Response Services

Scarlett Cybersecurity Solutions Engineers do not follow a “one size fits all” approach to security. Our team ensures that all variables are accounted for before recommending services. Whether we are working as an augmentation to current cybersecurity staff or as the sole cybersecurity provider, we only suggest solutions we believe will measurably benefit your organization. We specialize in a specific set of incident recovery techniques and tools that we have found to provide the greatest value and effectiveness for our clients. See the checklist below for a sampling of the recovery services we provide:

Not sure about a term or tool? Check out our Cybersecurity Terms and Definitions Page for more information!