Scarlett Cybersecurity is proud to announce that our parent division, The Scarlett Group, has received a place in this year's Gator100!

One of the top 100 Gator-led businesses by growth.

The Scarlett Group was founded by Information Technology auditors with the goal of bringing IT and cybersecurity issues to light for small-to-medium business. Through exceptional customer service and an experienced foundation in IT, The Scarlett Group is now within the top 100 University of Florida graduate-led organizations by growth. Our team focuses on effectively leveraging IT to enable businesses to achieve their core objectives, all while helping leadership sleep easy with best-in-class cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Expansion

Perhaps one of the most significant factors in this explosive growth was the creation of the specialized cybersecurity division, Scarlett Cybersecurity. Our team works hand-in-hand with IT specialists at The Scarlett Group to provide comprehensive coverage and ensure a robust defense-in-depth. By integrating modern and affordable cybersecurity solutions within networks, we have ensured that the growth experienced by The Scarlett Group enables even greater security.


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